Chapter 1. What is Organizational Behavior

Who is manager ?
- get things done by people
- make decisions
- allocate resources
- direct them to attain goal

Function of manager?
- planning
- organizing
- leading
- controlling

Skills required by managers? (As identified by Robert katz)
- Technical skills – ability to apply knowledge or expertise
- Human skills – ability to work with people , motivate and understand them
- Conceptual skills – mental ability to analyze and diagnose complex situations

Henry Mintzberg model of managerial roles
- total 10 tasks are performed
- total 3 categories

1. Interpersonal role
a. figure head – symbolic head
b. Leader – provide motivation and direction
c. Liaison – maintain outside contact

2. Informational role
d. Monitor – serve as nerve centre for information
e. Disseminator- transmit external information to organization
f. Spokesperson – transfer organizational information to outside

3. Decisional role
g. Entrepreneur – search for opportunity and initiate projects
h. Disturbance handler – Responsible for corrective action
i. Negotiator – represent organization at major negotiations.

Effective Vs Successful managers studied by Fred Luthans
Effective manager spend more time in communication and least time in networking while successful managers in terms of promotion spend more time in networking.

Challenges and opportunities
- Increased foreign assignments
- Shifting of jobs to low cost labor countries
- People with different culture
- People with diversity
- Managing people during war and terror
- Improving customer service
- Improving people skills
- Coping with temporariness
- Improving ethical behavior

Organizational parameters
Independent variables have effect on dependent variable. Study of independent variable provide basis for study of dependent variables.
1. dependent
i. Productivity
ii. Turnover – people leaving organization
iii. Absenteeism
iv. Deviant workplace behavior
v. Org. citizenship behavior
vi. Job Satisfaction

2 Independent
vii. Individual level variable
viii. Group level variables
ix. Org. level variables

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