Excel macro to create ID cards

I have created by first macro with following functions
1. can create bulk ID cards with single click.
2. Data is in excel so it can be easily modified or changes.
3. Gave little flexibility in formatting

I will soon add help files for the macro.
Currently I have put restriction on number of ID card per run as I am not sure about it's stability.

download excel file

you may reach me at meenaachal at yahoo dot com


cv said...

Dude, have searched online for this many times and anything didn't work for me! I never knew we can do it easily with Excel..simply superb..it has worked for me! please keep sharing any news tricks..

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endustri muhendisligi said...

At the end i have found,thanks

Shtha said...

Thankx for the macro but i am unable to use it in excel 2010.. i am getting "This workbook has lost its VBA project, ActiveX controls and any other programmability-related features."
Help me. is this work only in excel 2003

Saiganesh Narayanan said...
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Saiganesh Narayanan said...


Thank you very much for the id card file. This is exactly what i want, but wish to tailor it for a specific requirement. Can i correspond with u privately on this ? pl let me know your email id

Albert Loss said...

Your blog has really inspired me, I’m so happy to read this.
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Abbas Al-Eryani said...

please what is the password

Guiled Idaan said...

i am school principal and i need this ,so haw i can use it please