Life Cycle of Project

The project planning process consists of the following:

i. Setting the project start date.

ii. Setting the project completion date.

iii. Selecting the project methodology or project life cycle to be used.

iv. Determining the scope of the project in terms of the phases of the selected project methodology or project life cycle.

v. Identifying or selecting the project review methods to be used.

vi. Identifying any predetermined interim milestone or other critical dates which must be met.

vii. Listing tasks, by project phase, in the order in which they might be accomplished.

viii. Estimating the personnel necessary to accomplish each task.

ix. Estimating the personnel available to accomplish each task.

x. Determining skill level necessary to perform each task.

xi. Determining task dependencies

1. Which tasks can be done in parallel?

2.Which tasks require the completion of other tasks before they can start?

xii.Project control or review points.

xiii.Performing project cost estimation and cost-benefit analysis.

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